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Quinlan Tree Service

Emergency Tree Services

No matter what your tree service emergency is, from a dangerous limb overhanging your house, car or other property. Storm damage, including a tree on your home. Call (248) 363-8500 for fast, emergency service.

Tree Removal

Tree service, tree removal, tree felling in Oakland county, Michigan

Tree Pruning/Trimming

Tree Trimming, Pruning and thinning in Oakland County, Michigan

Crane with Certified Operator for Your Service.

Crane & Operator $140 per hour.

Call 248-363-8500 to schedule.

Crane Rental services for contractors, tree services and HVAC contractors in Oakland County, Michigan

Tree Cabling, Bracing and Bolting

Tree cabling, bracing and supports in Oakland County, Michigan

Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump grinding and removal service in Oakland County, Michigan

Tree Inspections

Tree inspections, tree insurance damage, tree surgeon, arborists in Oakland County Michigan

The Only Number You Need in Tree Care

(248) 363-8500 Call Today!

Since 1969, Quinlan Tree Service has proudly served Oakland County, Michigan and surrounding communities.

Thank you- Shane Quinlan

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